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Formal Announcement

I’m taking a leave from tumblr for an indeterminate and indefinite period.

Send me a message with your phone number if you want to keep in touch. Let me know if said number is on WhatsApp too! Non-Canadian texting can only be done via WhatsApp.

This message will repeat until the end of the week.

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Take that, Bembridge Scholars!

The Mummy is a film about a woman having a marvellous time, and I think that’s so beautiful.

#i had a marvellous time watching her have a marvellous time 

Yes, let’s just ignore that whole part in the middle where she was being hunted by a mummy who tried to use her body as a vessel for his dead lover.

I’ve seen a handful of comments like this and I just wanted to address it because I think it’s worth talking about. I realise my summation of the film is flippant; it was an attempt at irony because obviously the movie is full of gruesome death and dismemberment, and I fully agree that Evie is terrorized. But that’s not what the film is about. It’s not about Evie the human sacrifice - that’s something that happens to her but it isn’t who she is.

The point is, the whole plot of The Mummy literally could not happen without Evie pursuing the thing that she loves.

They go out to Hamunaptra because Evie is passionate about knowledge and discovery, and when they get there she is in her element - she is loving every minute of it and she is proud of herself and she is absolutely going to kiss Mr O’Connell. But once that thirst for knowledge and discovery inadvertantly raises Imhotep, and there is literally fire and brimstone raining from the sky, and everyone else is running and hiding, she never ever once despairs. She accepts responsibility, she owns her mistake and she refuses to believe there is nothing to be done. She follows her passions again and decides that more knowledge and more discovery is what’s required. And she’s right. She finds the answer and she takes triumphant pleasure in proving to herself that she is a greater scholar than the ones at Bembridge, the ones who have repeatedly found her lacking.

Do you realise how rare it is for a female character’s intellectual pursuit to be the thing that kicks off the action and the thing that saves the day, AND a source of ultimate joy in her life?

When Imhotep comes for her she goes without a fight, to save her companions’ lives, because she knows that’s the best chance they have. When Rick and Jonathan and Ardeth come to save her she is pivotal in her own rescue. She is never a Damsel, she is always part of the team.

And then Evie SAVES THE WORLD. She saves the world by doing the thing that she loves and is good at. She saves the world, she gets the guy, and they ride off into the sunset with some treasure. And really, that’s a pretty good end to a day.

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Probably going to fall off the internet sometime soon. There are a lot of personal things I need to sort out, least of which is that I’ve been giving a disproportionate priority to online activities over things that are actually happening right here and even in my own home.

Might/probably will be around from work though, especially when things get boring.

By sometime soon, I apparently mean tomorrow.

If you want to keep in touch, send me a fan mail or something with your phone number!